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Our Training

Teach18 uses a mixture of hands-on training, ongoing coaching, and online learning to help prepare great teachers. Our new program design focuses on helping you build the essential skills you need to lead students to success. After earning certification, we’ll help you find a job that’s right for you. 

Learn from the latest research and best practices.

Through online and in-person coursework, you’ll build a foundation of skills that will help you lead students to deeper learning and academic success. 

Hone your skills by teaching students in a real classroom.

As part of our program design, you’ll practice and develop the essential skills all teachers need to create rigorous, caring learning environments.

Get personalized coaching and feedback to improve your craft.

Focused feedback and advice you can use are critical to becoming a successful teacher. You’ll receive on-the-job coaching from experienced educators to help you create authentic relationships with your students, manage your classroom, and deliver challenging lessons that engage, inspire, and deepen student learning. 

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